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Red- loner Empty Red- loner

Post by Red on Mon Jan 04, 2016 5:07 pm

Meet: Red
Nickname: Big red

Age- 2 years 9 months
Gender- Male
Personality- Though his appearance may be scary he actually a teddy bear. He can be very aggressive but only when provoked or those he cares for are being threaten. Red has a noble heart. Thanks to his size and history he is very strong, but not very fast since all that fur weighs him down. Obviously protective. He has sarcastic humor. He tends to be playful and stubborn, He's a charming individual and pretty easy to get along with. He also tends to be lazy.
Characteristics- He is large in size, with a thick fluffy red coat. Fluffy red mane.
Eye color- Golden
Pelt color- Dark Red with a pinch of brown.
Breed- Tibetan mastiff
Siblings- Jack
Parents- Dead
Crush- Opal
Mate- Opal
Pups- Rusty ( Adopted)

History- He had a tough childhood. He was raised to protect the village and their live stock. He was half wild since they let the pack of his family run free in exchange for protection and food. He fought off bears, tigers, any predator that threatens the village lively hood. He was soon captured and stolen away since Tibeban Mastiffs were high in the market area. He was sold to the dog fights. He soon escapes after moving to The USA from the Asian mountains. From there he started a new life in the city that soon moved to the country side where he met Opal.
Secrets- some secrets are better left unsaid

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Red- loner Empty Re: Red- loner

Post by Opal on Mon Jan 04, 2016 6:21 pm

Accepted Smile Can't wait to rp with you Twisted Evil

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Red- loner Empty another dog: canis

Post by Red on Mon Jan 11, 2016 5:41 am

Name: Canis
Gender: Male
Age: 3 years

Personality: Dispite it's breed, Canis is a serious, calm and collected dog. He calculate the situation before taking action. Quiet and mysterious, he tends to be a lady killer without trying. You often would find him with a scowl or a half smirk on his muzzle. He has agility on his side thanks for his lean built, and smooth tight muscles. He's intelligent and wise. He never playful unless someone tugs it out of him. He polite and sarcastic at the same time. He will give you the cold shoulder if you fail to interest him. He has a cold gaze, looks like see right through your soul. been through a lot through out his life.
Breed: Australian Shepard
Pelt color: Blue merle
Eye color: One pale blue the other brown
Red- loner Nips_grandmother_2
Parents: None
Siblings: None
Pups: None

History: Only one survived in his litter. His mother despise him, wanting to kill him right then and ther, but she couldn't not yet anyways. She left him alone after only 4 weeks, the look of him disgusted her. Born on the streets, Canis learned all the little tricks about being a city dog, with the help of the locals of course. He ran with a pack long ago, becoming close friends with them. He also met a female collie that he was planing to be his, but that all changed when they were caught by the humans and taken to some lab. Canis was able to escape but he was the only one. From there he decided to stick to himself. It was easier that way.

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Red- loner Empty Re: Red- loner

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