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BlackRose- Loner Empty BlackRose- Loner

Post by BlackRose on Thu Jan 07, 2016 8:13 pm

Meet: BlackRose

Age- 3 1/2 years
Gender- Female
Personality- She is wary towards strangers but once you get to know her she is a lot friendlier. She is brave when she has to be and is very mothering towards younger dogs and the injured. She is loyal and will stick by your side no matter what. She likes to think things through before she acts and is sometimes stubborn when it comes to defending in what she believes is right. Will defend herself viciously if attacked. Slightly ambitious, will sometimes test boundaries.

Characteristics- Sleek coat and long legs and muscular shoulders.
Eye color- Dark Green
Pelt color- Black with white slash on chest and white toes.
Breed - German Shepard
Pack or loner- Loner
Family- none
Parents- Unknown father (Deceased), Lizzie (Deceased)
Crush- none
Mate- none

History- BlackRose was a stray along with her mother. Every autumn her and her mother would leave the city and live in the countryside until spring. One day her mother was too weak to compete the journey and died in a box behind a apartment building. BlackRose reluctantly left her mother and began the life of solitude in the city. Every year she still tries to make it out to the country side but sometimes she fails to make it in time before snowfall, then she is trapped in the city until the weather begins to warm up and shelter is easier to find. Her Mother used to tell her stories of her father whom had a small pack of strays, apparently he'd constantly battle over territory expansion which eventually cost him his life. BlackRose's mother used to constantly advise her not to be consumed by greed like her father otherwise her fate would be the same. This had made BlackRose more considerate of her actions and a good thinker as well as problem solver.
Other- As a pup BlackRose was terrified of abandoned buildings, she still is today only slightly less.

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BlackRose- Loner Empty Re: BlackRose- Loner

Post by Red on Thu Jan 07, 2016 8:20 pm

approved. welcome you can start rping in the areas Smile

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