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Conan-Hunter-Shadow Pack

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Conan-Hunter-Shadow Pack

Post by Conan on Wed Jan 20, 2016 3:04 pm

Meet: Conan
Breed Details
Breed:czechoslovakian wolfdog

Pelt color: Conan is often mistaken for a wolf because of his physical appearance. A majority of his pet is a grey, with the occasional black and dark brown.
Weight- 70 lbs
Age- 2 yrs
Height- 35 inches
Eyes- Deep hazel with a brown rim, deep speckles of amber around his pupils.
Build- Conan is a more sleek form, made for agility, speed, and stamina. Don't let this trick you, because he can be a rather fierce fighter.
History- Conan was originally raised in a sled-dog community. He and his brothers overthrew the humans and lived in a small pack deep within the arctic woods. A group of pelt hunters had mistaken them for wolves, and killed off his family, leaving him to survive with a nasty scar along his right hind, causing him to have a slight limp.
Parents- unkown
Siblings- Razor, Akita
Crush- None
Mate- None
Pups- None
Personality- Conan is a very sweet and loving dog to whoever can manage to crack his outer shell. He is a more outgoing, with interest in meeting new friends. Conan had a reputation of being the fiercest fighter in his old pack, and has a heart of gold.

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