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Just A Nobody Empty Just A Nobody

Post by Kiba on Wed Jan 06, 2016 4:08 pm

Kisou, a large 300+ pound beast, trots down the alleyway. Amber eyes scanning the allies for something to eat, the smell of something rotting stinging his nose making him grumble. Though something rotting, meant meat... or some gross human food. Picking up his pace, fur swaying and lashing as he went into a gallop, panting as drool bubbles from his mouth and drips down the sides of his mouth. Tongue sloppily washing over is muzzle as he ran. Paws scraping the concrete as he took a tight churn into a intersection where a knocked over trash can lay. A scrawny and thin mutt feasted upon a tin can of beans, Kisou snarling which sent the dog into a flurry of growls and barks before seeing the massive beast. The mutt scrambled away before Kisou could make a move. Moving towards the trash cans he sniffed at the can, it was useless.. not even enough to satisfy his stomach.

He snarled and knocked the can aside before going to the foul smelling trash can next to the knocked over one, rearing up and pulling it down with a loud bang. Searching through it with his paws, jaws, and nose he found a rotting rotisserie chicken that was well picked clean from humans. Pulling the remains out he ate the ribs, and well anything he could get his paws on. Tongue washing over his muzzle as his stomach still gnawed at him for more. It was foul tasting, but the rosemary seasoning and juices that bathed the scavenged remains did ease the disgusting taste. He sighed "Where can I get some more decent feed.. doesn't this city have any game!" Kisou snapped as he arose and parted ways with the trash cans. I can smell a dog... perhaps they have something I can eat.. hell I would even eat them I am so goddamn hungry!" He thought.

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Just A Nobody Empty Re: Just A Nobody

Post by Snowbee on Tue Feb 02, 2016 2:46 pm

A thundering sound of a can slamming into the concrete sent all dogs near here running but the interested female smelled the large dog and crept forwards. She jumped into a garbage can pulling out a half eaten turkey leg from behind a human shop and carried it to where the can sound came from. She peered around the corner seeing a massive dog growling. She decided to be friendly an walked around the corner, she dropped her head and wagged her tail softly to show no threat and she rolled the food to dogs paws. She backed off a few feet, her clouded eyes warily watching the dog before saying, "Are you okay, I heard a large sound from this area." She felt stupid as soon as it left her mouth for asking a question to such a large dog.


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