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Post by Snowbee on Tue Feb 02, 2016 2:33 pm

Title: Snowbee
Meet: Snowbee is a very sweet dog despite her excrushiatingly painful past. She lives to support others and love, despite often being seen as a dog of scorn and painful memories. She loves helping others, and will obey higher ranking dogs. But if push comes to pull, she will take the lead.

Age- One and 9 months old
Gender- female
Personality- Kind, sweet, loving, stubborn, understanding, extremely smart, can be a leader, born a natural omega, fighter sprit, protective.
Characteristics- Despite being blind, Snowbee has very strong senses and can lead even under great stress, and she never gives up on what she believes, but she is afraid of her family.
Eye color- Light blue color which is clouded over making it look like a sky filled with clouds,
Pelt color- Pure white, and has a scar down right eye to ankle.
Pack or loner- Loner
Siblings- Ocean, bruise, forest, river, and falcon. (long story)
Parents-mom is twilight, dad is shadowclaw, step dad is bulletpaw (again long story lol)
Crush- None
Mate- None
Pups- Had one, mist, but she was killed.

History- From the very first day of birth her entire family has hated her and has tried to kill her many times over the course of her short life. Her brother bruise is extremely strong and is the one who gave her the scar on here right side of her face. She has never had a good family life from her mom, dad, siblings, or stepdad, and has never had a good mate. Her first mate cheated, second tricked her into thinking he was nice but after they became mates, he became evil. Her Third mate was the worst, he would attack her, force her to do things, and terrible other things, but one day she met blade, her fourth and most loved mate, but her family killed him. She now is a loner and fears ever finding someone to love, because her family has even killed blade, and killed her and blades pup.
Secrets- Never tells
Other-She may seem sweet, obeying, and quite, but she has a lot of inner rage, so don't get her mad.


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